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Pasta Speciale
Served with fresh focaccia bread with Caesar salad, dinner salad or soup.

Available Items
These items are available at your specified time.

Seafood Fettuccine (A House Favorite) $23.00 each
Sauteed in a cream sauce with romano cheese, shrimp, clams, scallops and cod.

Pasta Classico $21.00 each
Cappellini pasta tossed with shrimp, olive oil, butter, tomato, garlic and olives.

Clam Linguini $22.00 each
Steamer and chopped clams, butter, garlic, lemon and parsley.
Red or White Sauce!

Fettuccine Alfredo $17.00 each
Sauteed in cream sauce with mushrooms, romano cheese and fresh garlic.

Fettuccine Primavera $19.00 each
Sauteed with fresh vegetables in a light red sauce.
Spinach Pasta Optional!

Fettuccine Al Pesto $19.00 each
Basil, romano cheese, fresh garlic, walnuts and olive oil in a cream sauce.

Fettuccine Alla Pollo $22.00 each
Floured medallions of chicken breast sauteed in a cream sauce and garlic.

Tortellini $16.00 each
With meat or marinara sauce. Sub alfredo or creamy pesto sauce for $2.00 extra.
Meat or Cheese!

Spaghetti Carbonara $21.00 each
Cream sauce made with Italian sausage, prosciutto, fresh garlic, romano cheese and egg.